The Island

From endless pineapple fields to white-pink sand beaches to secluded coves and miles of coastlines, Eleuthera & Harbour Island define The Bahamas.  This 110 mile long island is home to some of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches that you will ever see.   Located just 220 miles off the coast of Florida, a whole new world awaits you.

Eleuthera was settled in 1647 by English pilgrims searching for religious freedom.  They named it Eleuthera the Greek word for Freedom.  It’s the fourth most populated island of The Bahamas, with approximately 8,000 residents.  Most who live here either fish or farm the rolling acres of pineapple plantations.  Eleuthera was very popular in the 60’s and 70’s as a jet-set destination for people from all around the United States and Europe.  The island has experienced many cycles of economic ups and downs.  In recent years as Eleuthera is being more discovered, many residents now find themselves supporting the tourism industry and helping many homeowners care for their property.   Eleuthera is experiencing an economic boom right now.

Much of the architecture and way of life was influenced by British Loyalists who settled here in the 1700s.   Multi-colored clapboard homes line the quaint streets of many small settlements.   It transports you back to a time when things were slower and simpler. The people are warm and friendly.  The vibe is laid back and relaxing.  The island continues to charm visitors with its chic tropical flair.

Eleuthera is an island of casual sophistication, housing isolated communities, well-developed resorts, rocky bluffs, low-lying wetlands and massive coral reefs that create magnificent backdrops.  The beaches, oh the beaches! World Class and unpopulated.  Many beaches are a little challenging to get to, but once there you will be rewarded with crystal clear warm turquoise water, white and pinkish sandy beaches, and private seclusion you thought were lost anywhere on the planet.

Don’t expect any lavish resorts, casinos, or high-end shopping here.  Eleuthera is saved for the explorer, the true traveler wanting a real escape, the discerning vacationer seeking natural beauty, and a person who appreciates the understated elegance of this quaint, charming, warm, beautiful island.   Eleuthera, it’s not for everyone.  But it could be for you!

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The Villas at Unicorn Cay

Traveling to the Villas of Unicorn Cay Eleuthera is simple.

There are daily flights into the three major airports in Eleuthera from Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Atlanta, and Nassau.

ELH   North Eleuthera  –  About 50 miles north of Unicorn Cay
GHB  Governors Harbour  –  About 15 miles north of Unicorn Cay
RKS    Rock Sound –  About 20 mile south of Unicorn Cay.

Governors Harbour (GHB) is the preferred airport but surprisingly this small island had three great airport options to get here.

From Nassau, Pineapple Air and Southern Charter each have 3-4 flights daily into all three airports. Once in Nassau, connections can be made to anywhere.


Things to Do

Beautiful Pink Sand Beaches

Enjoy a secluded experience in undisturbed comfort. Sip on a fresh coconut cocktail while walking in a dreamy tropical ambiance.

Diving and Snorkeling

Dive into Eleuthera’s offshore wonder world. No matter what your skill level, its pristine waters will bathe you in wonder at every turn.

Amazing Surf at Surfer’s Beach

Surfer’s Beach is said to be the second best beach for surfing in the world. Be sure to visit World famous Surfer’s Beach on your stay with us.

Oceanfront Golf Course

For golfers, Eleuthera has the new 10 hole golf course at Jack’s Bay designed by Tiger Woods. Opening Soon!

Restaurants and Nigh Spots

Eleuthera has a large variety of family-owned establishments featuring local cuisine, gourmet and live entertainment on a regular basis

Yoga Classes

Yoga is very popular. Monique Carroll will come to your back porch for yoga practice. Private and group sessions available.


Eleuthera is a popular island for fishing. Lobsters can be found from reefs in front of the villas.

Swimming with Pigs

Meet the adorable and famous Swimming Pigs. This is one thing you can’t miss while you’re at Eleuthera.

Horseback Riding

Experience the fun, yet relaxing activity of horseback riding on one of the most beautiful pink sand beaches in the Bahamas.



A nineteenth-century traveler dubbed the Bahamas “The Isles of Perpetual June,” and with good reason. Thanks to the Gulf Stream and Trade Winds, temperatures are mild year round. The average daytime high during the winter months is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, with a nighttime low of 67°.

Because of the tropical climate, you can fish, dive and snorkel year-round. You also can comfortably swim in the ocean, as water temperature in The Bahamas rarely dips below 72 degrees (22 degrees Celsius) near the shorelines. Water temperatures in central Eleuthera average 75 degrees in the winter, 80 degrees in the spring and 88 degrees in the summer.


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Settled in 1647 by English pilgrims, Eleuthera had become one of the top five travel destinations in the Caribbean. Purchasing a property at Unicorn Cay is not only an excellent investment but also a lifetime opportunity.