Luxury Developments

Beginning about 10 years ago, the travel industry began to notice Eleuthera again.   Travel and Leisure, for example, noted that Eleuthera, “once renowned for its picture-perfect white and pink sands somehow dropped off the travel traveler’s map,” and described some of the early steps in the island’s rebound, which had already begun.   Around the same time, The New York times called Eleuthera “an untold hidden gem.”   Major companies, such as Marriot and Disney are developing projects.  Several new resorts are coming; Jacks Bay in the south end of the island boasting a golf course designed by Tiger Woods and many new homesites and restaurants.  The Potlatch Club in the central area will offer dining and lodging options.  The Philautia project in Governor’s Harbour is located on the old U.S. Navy base and will include an elegantly relaxed 5-star boutique hotel, spa, organic farm, gardens-all will environmentally sustainable practices.

Many exciting things are happing on this island.  It’s a perfect time to invest here.  The current performance of the nearby real estate market in Miami could point to some nice positive cyclical trends in the coming years.  Bahamas real estate market typically follows Miami by a year or two, and the Miami market is very strong.  The Bahamas is perfectly positioned to provide foreign ownership at attractive prices and in a low-risk investment environment.

The Villas at Unicorn Cay offers a unique investment opportunity.  There are few places left that you can own beachfront property directly on a top-rated unpopulated world class beach for these prices.  Property like this will always command a premium and is a secure investment for future appreciation.

The country of the Bahamas has a stable government.  It follows parliamentary laws matching Great Britain.  It was under British rule until 1977 when the Bahamas became an independent country.  Its main source of revenue is tourism, so the country welcomes visitors and supports new foreign homeownership with open arms.  Take full advantage of favorable tax benefits by owning a property in the Bahamas.  The country has no income tax, inheritance tax, or capital gains tax.  You would be surprised how affordable owning property in the Bahamas can truly be.

Additionally, when you purchase a property at Unicorn Cay, you have the option to add your property to a rental program.  This is a smart way to cover many costs of owning your new home.