Building the Villas

The Villas at Unicorn Cay are custom-built vacation villas.  They are constructed to a very high standard.   When you purchase here, you will work directly with the owner of Unicorn Cay Estates, Scott Snyder.   Together, you will design and build your vacation dream villa.  Each villa will have commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean,  and be located directly on Unicorn Cay Beach.  A thoughtful design will take advantage of the latest technology and building techniques.  These villas will be energy efficient while also taking into considerations the challenges of building in an oceanfront environment.

Scott has experience overseeing several projects in the Bahamas.  He has built numerous homes himself and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your project.  He works directly with the contracted Bahamian general contractor, electrician, plumbers, and finishers.  Scott is on-site and demands the highest quality workmanship from everyone involved.

Owning property in the Bahamas is a lifetime proposition.  Real estate here can be bought, owned, sold by non-Bahamians.  It is deeded and will be part of your own personal estate able to be willed or transferred to family members or anyone else you chose.

The expected time to convey ownership of the property, design the villa, build it, and decorate it will take less than a year.  Much preliminary work has been completed to expedite the process.  All permits, government approvals, and the utilities buried underground have already been done.  Several home designs have been approved.  These can be used as a starting point for your custom home or a fresh new plan can be created.

A homeowner’s association is established to maintain roads, green space, beach, common areas and kayaks, SUP, lounge chairs, and umbrellas.

The goal is that when you arrive at your vacation villa you are ready to relax, explore, decompress, and just enjoy your exquisite piece of paradise.

Prices start at $1.3 million.




Each Villa at Unicorn Cay will receive a high level of craftsmanship.